Home Work

Here’s what we’ve been doing while staying at home. Images here are submitted by Maine Fiberarts’ staff and our readers. What have you been doing? Email us (carol@mainefiberarts.org) a photo or two with a tiny caption and we will post it here with everyone’s (stay at) home work.

Despite the fact most 2020 Bicentennial events have been pushed off until next year, I was busy most of this winter learning how to sew and wear 1820's fashions, from lingerie to hats! What a challenging project, but the photos demonstrate my success. Thank you for asking about what "we" have been creating during the pandemic! I began making this costume when I started writing book #2 of the Swan Island in the Kennebec historic novel trilogy. Book one was mostly about who, from where, why and when settlers came up the Kennebec to settle on Swan Island. Book two will encompass the increased settlement, Kennebec Proprietors movements/purchases, businesses created on the island and what island life was like during the 1800's. This costume allows me to "feel" what it was like to not only sew the clothing but wear it was well, allowing me to "become" one of that time period while I write!