A History of Hand Knitting, Audio CD book
Publisher: Knitting Out Loud; Abridged edition (December 10, 2007), ISBN-10 : 0979607345; ISBN-13 : 978-0979607349, Good Yarn Class handout
Knitting  Rutt, Richard
A Knitting Life
By Susan Axelrod in 2019. In depth article about Pam Allen. Using nineteenth-century mills and twenty-first-century technology, Pam Allen created a world-renowned yarn company in Maine. By: Susan Axelrod, Photography: Christina Wnek
Knitting  Susan Axelrod
History of Knitting: 10th century to modern times
YouTube Knitting historian Liz Kristan not that great, mostly talking, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG3E44jsstY&t=1152s
Knitting  Liz Kristan
Island Classics
"A rugged coastline, blue green spruce, fields of wild flowers dotted with grazing sheep, sailboats crossing the bay; such images of island life are reflected in the sweaters of North Island Design. These contemporary designs leave you with the feeling of a classic sweater--one that you may pass on for generations."
Knitting  Chellie Pingree
This books written by Pam Allen in 2002, one of many books on knitting that she has authored up through the 80s and 90s and to this day. Her entrepreneurial life—starting as a knitter, pattern designer, book author and evolved into a large and successful yarn manufacturing company—is an example of the popularity and enduring nature of fiber in art, design and business.
Knitting  Pam Allen
Knitting in America A Glorious Heritage from Warm Socks to High Art
Good Yarn Class handout
Knitting  Strawn, Susan
People Knitting A Century of Photographs
Good Yarn Class handout
Knitting  Levine, Barbara, P
Sweaters from the Maine Islands
From a 2021 Amazon review of this out of print book (after 30 years): “This is such a treasure. It has some wonderfully simple yet interesting designs that are easy to follow and modify…There are also interesting tidbits about the life on the island interspersed between the patterns. I am so glad someone offered this up since it is out of print.”
Knitting  Chellie Pingree and Debbie Anderson
The State of Maine Knitting
Questionable link and the magazine itself doesn’t seem to go back any farther than 2020 on line. Michaela works still for Downeast Magazine while Maine Women is a publication of Courier Publications LLC.
Knitting  Cavallaro, Michaela