Summer Travels: Part I

Franklin/Somerset Travels: Traveling North, Hutton Studio, and my campsite

Tasked with finding fiber artists, shops and farms in Franklin and Somerset Counties by a grant generously given to Maine Fiberarts through the Maine Community Foundation, I planned a trip north during August. Due to Covid, I declined to stay in area hotels, and decided to camp! I outfitted an old cargo van my husband was replacing, purchased goods and equipment to make the stay comfortable, and began traveling. I wandered through the lake region of Monmouth and headed towards Readfield, where a favorite food shop exists: The Apple Shed. Highly recommended! After procuring provisions, I wandered along the shores of several lakes, driving through the town of Vienna. I know from previous travels, that Vienna hosts the home and studios of potter Mark Hutton and handweaver Hillary Hutton. [See a previous Folio “story.”] This time, I pushed on through Farmington and up to Porter Lake in the Strong/New Vineyard area. I secured a campsite in a field that was pretty much empty for the week, although a gang of people arrived on the weekend. For a while though, it was only the sounds of the loons on the lake at night and my coffee pot going early each morning. Delightful!

—Photography and text, Christine Macchi

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  1. Van looks great!
    I have a Hillary Hutton tunic from years ago (80s?) that I still wear often. Spoke with her at a show last year and was sad to here she was giving up the clothing business. But continuing to make rugs!


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