Summer Travels: Part III

Franklin/Somerset Travels: Dark Star Fabrics, Anne Walker Studio, Mt. Blue State Park and Farmington

On this day, I started off in Strong, gassing up at The White Elephant, a huge catchall store for food, camping, takeout, medical supplies, and Asian peanut noodles. Impressive! Lots of travelers setting out to explore lakes and mountains on that fine day. I traveled west in a big loop towards Mt. Blue State Park and then eventually to Farmington. I wanted to see what the camping was like and to explore fiber along the way. As I drove through the town of Phillips, I recognized Dark Star Fabrics from an earlier trip, with their large selection of fabrics, quilting supplies, and classroom space. Had I headed north at this point, I would have encountered the art quilt studio of Anne Walker in Rangeley. But I turned south and found a couple picnicking with a view of the mountains at Mt. Blue. It was on to Farmington. There, I visited Vera’s Iron and Vine and found the work of several artists. Two Imagine Studios in Farmington represents the knitted work of Judy Tollefson and the book arts work of Meredith Mustard. Laurie Grassette’s paper maché figures in fur stole with headdresses caught my eye. So great! I bought a cheery fabric bag from Shea Hutton of Roaring Fibre, a penny rug by Lisa Park Laflin, and an art book by Meredith Mustard, and was introduced to the work of area woodworkers, ceramists, soap makers, and metalworkers. The copper wrist bands by Vera Johnson were also quite beautiful. I found Pins & Needles Quilt Shop with the great Twice Told Tales used bookstore next door. There, I peeked into the window long enough to see a boxed set on Pinhole Cameras that includes a camera template, film reel, instructions and an art book to make your own. Of course, I took it home! A great haul.

—Photography and text by Christine Macchi

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