Textile Fashions at Rhinebeck 2015

This October, I traveled with a group of friends to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck, New York. Gorgeous trees, weather, foliage and a landscape of rolling hills, old farms and stone bridges on the Taconic Parkway greeted us. At the show, we found an endless supply of fantastic yarns, vibrant colors and chic designs. Hundreds of vendors from around the country displayed goods and thousands of fiber enthusiasts strolled through. Bus loads of people come in from New York City and surrounding communities. Practicing “street photography” and “portraits” for my photography class at Maine Media Workshops, I set out to capture the fine textiles worn by passers-by. All were pleased to show off their fashions. Feast your eyes.

—photography and text by Christine Macchi

6 thoughts on “Textile Fashions at Rhinebeck 2015”

  1. Thank you for featuring my handspun shawl in your Rhinebeck fashion post! (I’m the dude in the yellow/orange/purple shawl.)

    I wanted to point out that I didn’t design the shawl pattern; it’s Grouchy Geisha, free on Ravelry. The fiber was “Tuscan Sunset” on silvery merino/yak 50/50 from Corgi Hill Farm; it’s a fractal 2-ply I spun and knit about two years ago (here are my project notes). It’s not really a dude shawl, but I just love it so hard, I refuse to give it to anyone else!

    • Fabulous shawl. It is TOO a dude shawl! If more dudes knit and made items like this, the world would be a better place. Thanks for the correction on the designer. Will change caption now.

  2. Wonderful portraits of the fiber arts in a glorious fall setting! Thank you for so beautifully documenting the fashions and fun of Rhinebeck!


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