Anne Cox: Artwork and Gardens

This place is fun! Hedgerow is owned and operated by Anne Cox and her partner Julie Wortman near the tip of the St. George Peninsula in Tenants Harbor situated between Thomaston and Rockland. It’s a beautiful drive to get to the place, and the day I went in mid-July, all forms of haying were going on in fields and farms along the way. Anne Cox is a landscape designer (with a Masters of Landscape Architecture), a gardener, a painter, and a rug hooker. When asked, she simply states that, she “makes things.” Hedgerow contains a retail shop, a gallery, greenhouses and gardens. Visitors are free to roam all over. The shop contains gourmet foods prepared by a local caterer, interesting books, printed aprons, baskets, tiles, flowers and more—all items meant to enhance good living. In season, fresh vegetables and eggs appear, too.

The gallery and pergola are a more recent addition and contain many of Anne’s rugs and paintings. It is during the winter months, that Anne finds time to design her own rugs, dye and cut the fabric strips, and hook each piece. Her themes include vegetables, lichens, firewood, the sea and other scenes from the world surrounding her.

Finally, greenhouses, gardens and vegetables are there for the curious who take a pathway through the woods. Beautiful gardens, meticulously kept with giant vegetables. It’s easy to see the connections between Anne’s art and her gardens. You will be inspired, too.

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