Susie Stephenson’s New Studio

Susie Stephenson is into fibers whole hog. She has been a rug hooker over many years known for her playful original designs, wild use of color, and reuse of woolen garments to provide materials. Her grandmother taught her to appreciate wool by taking out zippers, buttons and hems from old garments to reuse and it is a practice she continues to this day. Once she started to spin, Susie began bringing home fiber animals—sheep, alpacas, the occasional Angora goat. She has written several books, taught rug hooking on craft cruises, continued making art, and soon outgrew her home studio.

Happily, she and her husband Tom recently purchased a small pink! brick schoolhouse across the street from her farm, and are turning it into her new fiber studio. She told me you could barely see the building when they got it because of all the old forest growth that was in the way. Now, they have uncovered a gem and are filling it with fibers, colors, fresh cookies and friends. On the hot, hot July day that I arrived, I was immediately served a great big glass of ice tea and a choice of freshly-baked cookies. Members of her weekly hooking group were working around the table and gladly showed me their treasures.

Besides the large gathering space and table, the studio has a brand new kitchen, plenty of good light, and examples of Susie’s art all around. There are hooked rugs, dyed fabrics, repurposed clothing, crocheted shawls and glorious fibers everywhere! Susie loves yarn, fabrics and fleece and it shows.

The studio hosts classes, weekly gatherings, and regular hours. Susie says to check her Facebook page to see the latest in what’s happening.

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  1. Susie,
    Hope you are well and happy in your new home. We are so thrilled with the house and have daily projects, fixing fences, windows, gardens…. Ron and Andrew have designed a small greenhouse in the back.
    We would like to buy Andrew one of your rugs for the house in Maine for his birthday, July 10th.
    Can you send me pictures and prices?


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