Book Arts Bazaar

On the first truly warm day of this Spring, I headed for the Book Arts Bazaar at USM in Portland and found an explosion of goodness! Handmade papers, eco-dyed linens, small works of poetry, coptic bindings, marbled papers, hand-built tools, ivory crochet hooks—yes! even letterpress! Several rooms, no—many rooms were filled with vendors offering colorful, original, and even offbeat work. I found a catalog of 2014 summer workshops from the Morgan Conservatory for Papermaking ( Also on hand: the 2014 program book for Maine Media Workshops ( with classes on photography, book arts, filmmaking, and multimedia. I learned this tip: if a Maine Media Workshop class has not filled, just before it’s scheduled to take place, Mainers can receive a one-third discount off the price. I learned about exhibitions, private workshops and the Pickwick Independent Press—a “community print shop” based in Portland. Maine’s book arts community is alive and very well, and the place to get a fabulous intro to the scene, is the annual Book Arts Bazaar held in April.

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