Spring Shearing at Ruit Farm

Several friends gathered at Ruit Farm in Bristol, home of Nina and John Ruit and their herd of goats, several sheep, watchful llama, loud donkey, and whomever else wandered by. Weather included a mix of cold, ice and mud, but Nina had prepared several places for the shearing and sorting to take place out of the wind. Emily was our shearer; members of the Salt Bay Treadlers and friends sorted, bundled and tagged fleeces and a great time was had by all. Beautiful colored and white Coopworth fleeces started to appear while the goats looked on! Each fleece was tucked in its cotton sheet for sale at Fiber Frolic in June (although at least one was snapped up by the worker bees.) Afterwards, we gathered in the warmth of the Ruit home for fresh goat cheese, homemade breads, Nina’s famous Mac-and-cheese, potluck lunch and—what else?—spinning. Another lovely day for fiber in Maine. Shepherds welcome helpful hands. Be on the lookout for a shearing near you.

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