Ed Musholt’s Art: Whimsy With Punch

Arlene and I visited the studio of Ed Musholt in Portland after seeing three of his sculptures in an exhibition at Maine Fiberarts. Ed can draw and paint, but prefers to create three-dimensional work formed from paper mache. He lived in Costa Rica for a period, and that country’s influence is seen in his vivid colors and playful animals and figures. He often creates work that is environmentally-themed, but strives to do so in a way that is humorous and that appeals to his grandchildren. Upon seeing all these sculptures in his studio, Arlene exclaimed, “That’s what I like about your work. It’s whimsical, yet carries a punch!”

View images of Ed’s work. Click on any image below to see a slideshow of larger images.

Of his lifetime of making work, Ed writes:

“My interest in art began as a child whose mother painted landscape scenes on the walls of our house and signed me up for classes at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Much later as an adult, after finishing a graduate degree in another area, I returned to art school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. 

My early work was in portraiture with a particular focus on watercolor as a medium. This resulted in a surplus of scraps of watercolor paper that I started making into small paper sculptures. These were shown in a local gallery, which led to experimentation creating larger pieces using prepared paper mache products such as Celluclay. Interest in these pieces led to a long-term association creating relief sculptures for the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics including children’s wings and other clinics. Other work has been included in the collection of the Epic Company and is in the collections of private individuals. 

Since moving to the beautiful state of Maine with my wife, to be with our adult children and grandchildren, I have had the good fortune to become associated with Maine Fiberarts’ gallery. At this point the future is open to discovery.”

—photography by Christine Macchi

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  1. Where in Maine is this? I met Ed while on a Global Volunteers team based in Santa Elena in the Monteverde section of Costa Rica.Our group worked with nearby villagers to build a retaining wall to prevent the soccer field in this mountainous country, from falling downhill into the primary school. It was circa 2007.


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