Revisiting Rhinebeck 2023

Four of us rented a house near Rhinebeck to visit the New York Sheep and Wool Festival this past October.  The area is beautiful at this time of year and the crowds at Rhinebeck were fierce—38,000 on Saturday alone! At the fair we saw sheep and goats, incredible yarns, a live auction for fiber equipment, fiber podcasters, great outfits, fried Brussels sprouts, small farm producers with spinnable fibers, knitwear designers, and so much more. In yarn and roving, we saw yak, wool, mohair, Angora, silk, qiviut, vicuna, cashmere and a host of synthetic- and natural-dyed fibers. This festival truly is a feast. Mark your calendars for next year!.

Click an image to see a large screen display you can click through.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Rhinebeck 2023”

  1. Your photography, Christine, is just wonderful. I could smell the crisp autumn leaves and feel the sun just from looking at your pictures. Thank you for capturing the feeling of the festival. All the fiber and all the fiber-loving people make me happy!


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