Fiber Marketplace and Yarn Sellar

It was off to the town of York this Spring to take in a special event and a yarn shop. Carrie McKie, owner of The Yarn Sellar in York, Maine organizes the Fiber Marketplace currently in its third year. She had invited small fiber farm producers, artisan yarn dyers, specialty button vendors, and other fiber craftspeople to bring their gorgeous supplies to York Harbor Inn. The place was hopping on a beautiful clear—but still cold—day in Spring. We loved it! Great vendors and nice crowds, and we were introduced to many new faces in fiber.

(The following two photo galleries can be viewed as a slideshow or larger images, or just as an individual image just by clicking on one of the thumbnails. Depending on your internet speed you may have to wait a few seconds.)

Afterwards, I traveled to see The Yarn Sellar and was delighted by this quality shop. Arrays of yarns, chic garments knitted up, attentive help, and a “yarn doctor” were all there to greet me. Carrie is also the owner of Triple G Farm in York where she “lovingly raises sheep.” Worth the trip at all times of year.

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