Fiber on the Western Front

The sheep may be a little different in Western Washington where I live now, but the fiber people are the same. I visited three of the 24 farms in Jefferson County on the 11th annual Farm Tour which was  promoted by the Washington State University Extension in this county. Six of these farms were open for two days, Saturday being strictly for fiber farms.

I was interested to see how much WSU Extension is involved in the farming community (since 1914 according to their blurb in the farm tour guide). I don’t know where the Washington Department of Agriculture is. I’ll have to look into that. 😉

Anyway, here is a selection of photos from my visit, one morning of which I spent as a volunteer representative from Extension at Amity Fibers where owner, Nora, has a beautiful collection of sheep and is involved in every fiber activity you can think of.

To see a bigger image you can click on a thumbnail and click through all the images.


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