Hugh Verrier: Birds in Flight

Hugh Verrier of Eustis, Maine [10/29/1931-5/31/2023] creates birds and fish that are a unique combination of watercolor painting and paper sculpture. We visited his home studio in June where Hugh graciously allowed us to photograph his work.

The artist uses high quality, heavy, 400-pound sheets of French art papers that are expensive. These are folded, cut and shaped into creatures usually found in the woods and waters of Western Maine. Pieces are then supported by wire or other armature, mounted and sealed with a UV varnish to finish. The result is similar to bas relief, resulting in what Hugh calls “dimensional watercolors” that convey a true-to-life realism and beauty.

Eagles, falcons, loons, woodpeckers, gulls, mallards, herons, kingfishers and more can all be seen on display at his studio, where Hugh and his wife welcome visitors.

Hugh Verrier has been a Maine painter and sculptor for over 40 years. Much of his artwork is inspired by his former residence on the coast of Maine, where he worked on a tugboat (as captain) and on a commercial dragger. His work has been shown at Maine Coast Artists shows, Memorial Hall Library in Andover, Massachusetts; and at various Maine galleries. Images of his work can be found at

— photos by Christine Macchi

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