Waldoboro Historical Society

The images below include Fire engines (one from 1834), quilts, braided rugs, several examples of the well-known Waldoboro hooked rugs, model ships, 1900’s wall calendars, embroidery samplers, military paraphernalia, historical photos, scrapbooks, penny rugs, firemen’s coats, a Great Wheel, and more. If you arrange a visit in advance, Jean Lawrence, president of the Society, will meet you and offer a discussion about the history of the museum.

WHS offers a catalog for sale of an exhibition that took place at The American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA entitled: “Art UnderFoot: The Story of Waldoboro Hooked Rugs,” by guest curator, Mildred Cole Péladeau, ATHM, publisher; copyright 1999. Waldoboro Historical Society, 1164 Main Street, Waldoboro, ME  04572

—Photos by Christine Macchi during visit with the Salt Bay Treadlers

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