Students with glue sticks

Here’s a look at results of the October 2023 workshop—“Create an 8-Page Book: Unconventional Construction Centered Around Glue Sticks”—with painter, bookmaker and graphic designer Meredith Mustard from Two Imagine Studios in Farmington.

We gathered at Maine Fiberarts and brought papers, fabrics, photos and memorabilia that had meaning to us: anything that could be glued in place! Meredith—being the skilled and experienced teacher that she is—supplied everything else: cutting boards, beautiful large sheets of paper for backgrounds, colored markers, eclectic stamps, gel-printed paper scraps, ribbon and more. Students got right into it and spent several happy hours putting together their collage.

What happened next was magic! One by one, collages were placed face down on a cutting board, and pages were sliced off. The maker had no control of what each finished page looked like and everything was a surprise. Final pages were glued and bound, and the finished book, ultimately covered.

Everyone loved the results. Even those who grew attached to their finished collage!

Meredith is a wonderful teacher and the students, so creative. She’s teaching another workshop on “Making Gelprints” for us in November and will repeat the “Glue Stick Book” again. Be in touch to learn more.

This is the previous description of the workshop, affectionately known as the “glue stick” workshop

Work with paper, glue sticks, found papers and fabrics to create a random collage or eight-page book that can keep your thoughts, recipes, photos or quotes. Make a gift for someone or for yourself! Meredith’s printed work on fabrics, in books, and on papers has been on view at Maine Fiberarts in wearables, books, cards and calendars. She has experience as a teacher, graphic designer, bookmaker, painter, and revolutionary. This workshop is geared to free you up to create in a more unrestricted way. The process also involves magic, as Meredith promises we will enter a place that involves no control. Results may inspire, dazzle and surprise you.

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