Touring Norway, Maine

This Spring, we headed out to Norway to visit some Golden Retriever puppies, but also to see fiber! We stopped at Quiltessentials in Auburn along the way—a treasure trove of fabrics, yarns, quilting supplies and books. I purchased the pinecone batik fabric to sew into a Spring blouse. Then it was on to the puppies (so cute!), lunch at Nomad Cafe, and a visit to an almost-new yarn shop called “Fiber & Vine.” Owner Kimberly Hamlin was on hand to greet and to inspire us with her beautiful array of yarns and knitted wearables. So many great ideas! Fiber & Vine hosts classes, guides projects, and offers select wines for sale with favorite knitting projects—all in a great setting. A bookstore, the Rough and Tumble shop selling leather bags next door, the gallery at the Western Foothills Land Trust, McGlaughlin Gardens, and other fun discoveries await your visit.

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  1. You didn’t tell me there were leather bags next door!!! Maybe next year.

    Looks great on iPhone held horizontally.



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